3 Steps to Boost Your Creativity


For those who know me well, I never live my life flat. I tend to jump from place to place, trying new things on and on. I don’t know why, where everyone seems to enjoy what they are doing, I prefer to learn new things beyond my expertise as I always find it interesting and challenging in the first place. Well, not everything but some specific area which attracts my interest.

I used to have my primary school nearby my house before I jumped 30km away to the east to do my High School with totally new surroundings. I barely knew anyone and started that new environment by myself. Ask me the reason why? I don’t know either, just decided so. Graduated from High School, I continued my university in (again) single location where not even one of my high school mates decided to have their uni there. Well, I pick the best one of course. Talking about post-uni life, majoring in Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Hons), I took an internship or two in Wedding Photography. Unlike my other course mates who took Engineering related internship, I feel like I was an alien in the class. Then, I didn’t bother to proceed with Engineering life, rather took a corporate job as a Strategic Marketing associate which I have no prior knowledge in Marketing at all. However, it was always interesting for me as I am excited to face new things which is widen my knowledge. Having learnt basic marketing in my previous work, I now decided to start my own business in social media area which have been giving me a lot of exposures until now. From zero until now, I’ve been learning tons of things about social media which I, not seldom, share it to others in a mini workshop or merely a sharing session. Creativity is the primary key to my story.

As a human being, we were born with tons of talents. Creativity is what drives you to develop your talents into something. In many cases, I have seen some people like to do research finding ideas from Internet or other social medias, some like to do brainstorming face-to-face or via online platform through their smartphone. While some others prefer to doodle on the paper, sketching and throwing down their ideas. All methods are valid, it depends on each’s preference. However, talking about paper, we are very much concern about Go-Green thingy. The more paper we waste, we sacrificed trees more which results in the deterioration of forest; hence Global Warming as everyone says. Thus, I figure that we need a tool or two to aid us bring that creativity out without jeopardizing our earth. Thank you to the presence of current technology which has successfully bridged mankind’s needs in a very simple way. Technology has brought analog into digital, conventional to be flexible and mobile, erase distance and save many seconds which benefits human being. Imagine if we have a digital pad which we can bring everywhere, an integrated smart phone and sketchbook all in one, handy in one device.

Hello, Samsung Galaxy Tab A!

To be honest, I have never been a big fan of stylus. My first experience using stylus was with Samsung Galaxy Note 1 which introduces the very first S-Pen. In the first place, I was amazed with the technology, however, as the time passed by I found S-Pen wasn’t adequate to accommodate my needs for digital notepad. The sensitivity and flexibility wasn’t up to my expectation and since then I decided not to trust stylus’ role.

Things are going that way until I get introduced to Samsung Galaxy Tab A which features new technology of S-Pen. A belief that Samsung has developed new technology to improve the previous S-Pen, I decided to accept the challenge to prove my hypothesis. I am trying to utilize all the features in Samsung Galaxy Tab A to accommodate my daily activities especially my job as Social Media Consultant.

1. Sketching my ideas with S-Pen
As a sanguine person, I lack of memory in my brain. As a result, I usually skip things out if I don’t jot them down on my notes. Thus, I need a notebook where I can write down all my to-do list especially minutes of meeting. With Samsung Galaxy Tab A, S-Pen runs smoothly and very sensitive to our movement. Likewise writing with inked-pen on the paper, it happens nicely on Galaxy Tab A paired with S-Pen.


S-Pen is also completed with various type of writing tools, such as Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, and Calligraphy Pen which accommodate your basic need in writing. Thus, not only to for businessmen but also for artists and designers.


S-Note is also very accessible when it comes to archiving your documents. Leave your notebook on the shelf and simply bring your digital notebook everywhere. One tablet to store all your notes.

2. 4G LTE Fast Connection for Research
If I flashback years ago when we only had GPRS connection, it felt fast enough to accommodate our browsing time. However, when Edge, 3G, HSDPA, even 4G connection were introduced to public, somehow GPRS feels useless. Some people can even say “my internet doesn’t work!” whereby the signal shows letter ‘G’ or ‘E’. Thank you to Samsung Galaxy Tab A with its built-in 4G LTE connectivity helps me to perform my research in a blink. Finding ideas and inspirations is no longer a problem to face.



3. Screen Writing Features for Photo-Styling Idea.
For the past few months, I’ve been inquired to deliver workshop sessions of how to take Instagenic photo especially food. We love flatlay so much as it is somewhat alienating-point-of-view where we don’t usually experience it. Taking shots from the top is somehow challenging, not forget to mention the angle and also setting up the composition of each objects to create a visual aesthetic image.
Based on my observations, from workshop to workshop, it is not easy to teach the participants to get them familiar with flatlay. The theory might bring some ‘oh thats how it is’, yet when it comes to practice, I’m sure they will stare blankly. Recently, I started to share this tips and you can follow this method too.

Here are my tips:
3a. Once you attend a workshop, you will understand the basic theory of why this and why that.

3b. The most important thing is to practice. Practice makes perfect, the more you practice the more you will be familiar with the styling.

3c. Start with finding your role model. Find your inspiration images, start screenshot-ing them and save in your gallery. Do this every time you find inspiring photos. Or, you can click S-Pen button and choose Screen Write and start doodling on your inspiring photo. Plan your photo styling based on your inspiration photo concept. Sketch how you are going to change the object in the photo with your own properties.

3d. Once you’ve done planning your concept. Start visualizing your idea into execution by collecting your planned-properties. Start arranging your properties in a way likewise your inspiration’s concept. Imitate the composition and modify to your current condition.



3e. The important thing is, do not shy to imitate! Because although you are imitating, the result will not be the same due to several factors like weather, lighting condition, and properties. The point is for you to understand the concept and composition. Feel free to explore and change what you don’t have with what you have. Anyway, we do not imitate, we look for Inspirations!



3f. Evaluate your results and compare them side-by-side in S-Note. Archive your practice record in S-Note and you can see your improvement stages after days of practicing.


To sum up, we were all born with tons of talent and creativity. How we develop them, it depends on how we manage to explore ourselves. We can do it conventionally, yet we can utilize the presence of technology to pace up ourselves such as Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Technology was created to ease human being’s tasks not to fool us to be a tech-slave. Use it wisely and explore yourself to more creative each day.



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