8 Urban Places You Must Visit in Jogjakarta


I am always excited whenever I get a chance to travel Indonesia. We are as Indonesians often ignore the fact that we live in a very rich country, rich as in Richie Rich I would say. Not often we prefer to travel the world rather than enjoying how wealthy our country is. Miserable? Yes.

Indonesia has been claimed as the 5th most populated country among the globe. International tourists are flying over from their origin to visit Indonesia as they find us very wonderful. Sadly truth, most of us don’t really care about it. Yet, I also am flattered with the generation who loves to travel from island to island in Indonesia to educate the other ‘us’ to explore our country. One of my inspiration is Febrian, Marischka Prudence, Dion Wiyoko and many others.

Recently, I happen to explore Jogjakarta, a province where I consider as one of the very iconic place to define Indonesia,  in collaboration with Urban Icon. It doesn’t take more than a palm of hand to count my visit to Jogjakarta, so I was very excited for this trip.WilliamSudhana_UrbanIcon_Jogjakarta_40

In conjunction to the Grand Opening of Urban Icon new outlet in Hartono Mal Jogjakarta, Urban Icon is promoting their #urbaniconstyle by promoting Hidden Gems in Jogjakarta.




So, it is part of my duty to find out what is happening in Jogjakarta especially new interest to visit in town.

Long story short, here are my findings during this short trip.

1. Ayam Geprek Bu Rum

Ayam Geprek is one of happening local street food in Jogjakarta. They operate in several outlets across the street, the one I visited can be found in Mrican Baru area. It simply a small house which fits maximum 8 guests sitting. I get to self-service myself picking what will be in my plate among Fried Tempe, Tahu, and the Fried Chicken. Once I completed, I handed over the plate to the waitress for them to ‘geprek-geprek’ my selections. Yes they destroy my food into something like on the picture mixed with Garlic, Chilli and Salt.

Mine didn’t use chilli though as I have already felt sweaty while queueing. Surprisingly, it tastes good and simply unique. Oh well, it doesn’t look pretty on the picture, yet I can guarantee it tastes superb.

P.S Indonesian food is difficult to photograph, yet taste like heaven.

2. NOX Coffee

I am a coffee-man and whenever I travel, I always look for quality specials-coffee shops. As far as I concern, Jogjakarta is also renowned for its coffee artists. Thus, it encourages me to find my caffeine supply.

Nox Coffee might not be a new place but surely its got the worth to visit as everyone’s been talking about it.

Owl dominates Nox’s branding as I can see they are everywhere in the outlet.



A cozy place to chill in the middle of very hot-burning day in Jogjakarta. I spent about 2 hours sitting here and also got to sip their Filter coffee.


Their brewing characteristic is Medium to Dark; thus you can feel the bitterness on the after taste. I can tolerate the taste and quite satisfied with their servings.

3. Peacock Coffee

Got the info to visit Peacock Coffee, I was curious enough to try before asking my local friend. According to my data, they were located at Jalan AM Sangaji 72, however they couldn’t be found here. So, tried to search and ask around to find out they have moved to Palagan. I didn’t find any updates from their Instagram nor Google.


As soon as I got there, I was quite mesmerised to their interior, appear rustic with minimalist concept, they look good from outside. Yet, I didn’t know if the weather in Jogjakarta was too high that day, but the outlet felt too warm to my liking. Moreover, I was turned down when I heard they don’t use Arabica beans but Robusta.


Oh well, should have been better for my personal interest though. On the other hand, I love their minimalistic concept outlet.

4. Gudeg Permata

In the evening of the first day, I attended house-warming event in Urban Icon store Hartono Mal. Post-event, we needed a proper dinner and got recommended by Erika to visit Gudeg Permata. They only start operating 2100hrs onwards which is goo as we finished our event at 8ish. So, I reached the location somewhere around 15mins to 2100hrs.

I ordered complete set of Gudeg Rice with Egg on it. Needed to wait pretty long as the queue was pretty long already, even before they start operating. The place was pretty humid too, so I have been sweating before the meal arrived. Spent around 20mins waiting, the Gudeg rice was served.

There are 2 types of Gudeg (wet and dry type), and this one is the wet one. According to my driver, different Gudeg has different level of sweetness, so if you ask which one is the best, it depends on your personal liking.

From my experience to Gudeg Permata, the sweetness level is tolerable for me and I consider theirs is tasty. Wanted to ask for more though, however, considering need to wait longer and its too late already, so, I was just happy with 1 portion.

P.S. If you prefer savoury one, you may visit Gudeg Pawon.

5. Soto Kadipiro

Traditional food has always been my primary destination when I am traveling. Not only it is the main objective of mine to visit the place, but also Indonesian foods never fails my palate. So, it was the 2nd day when I visited Soto Kadipiro while having an meet up appointment with Wiwie (a friend of mine introduced by Edi).

Earlier in the morning, I wanted to pay a visit to both Tempo Gelato and Lawas Coffee, but unfortunately for me, they open a lil later than my free slot. Thus, sadly to skip them and driving straight to Soto Kadipiro which is located at Jalan Wates.

Scheduled to meet Wiwie at 10.00hrs, however, he showed a lil late around 11.00hrs. You know that you don’t mess with a girl who is doing her make up. That should answer about the delay. Hahaha.

Anyway, talking about the Soto. Soto Kadipiro is one of the legendary cuisine of Jogjakarta.


You can find many outlets all over Jogjakarta, but the best is the one in Jalan Wates where I visited.



Wiwie ordered as the Soto and also sliced chicken breast in dry form. It is the common menu they usually order and as I could see everyone is. To Jogjakartans liking, they will add up Sweet Soy Sauce to the food, the unique thing is they are using signature sweet soy sauce of Sarico. The viscosity of the sauce is ultimate adding richness to the soup.

If you wonder how it tastes like, the soup is savoury yet sweet with tender slices of chicken meat together with veggies.



Definitely must come back whenever in Jogjakarta.

6. Epic Coffee

My 2nd day must be filled with caffeine dose, that was why I headed to Epic Coffee where everyone says a good one. Epic Coffee is much spacious compared to the one I visited the other day.



Not only functions as Coffee Shop, but also to sell vintage furniture and they own their roasting space at the rear side of their location (unfortunately it is not operating and restricted for staff only). As I mentioned, Epic is huge in terms of space with high ceiling but no air-conditioner.


During day time, it can be quite warm relying on the wind blows from outside. But then again, as it is wide, we didn’t fight to each other to suck our oxygen-need- up.

This could be one spot that you can use for #OOTD session due to its vintage interior. Rustic game strong guys! Moreover, cement walls was my favourite. One more thing! head to Toilet and you can find kinfolk-ish spot right there.

Talking about coffee, they do serve various of Indonesian Arabica beans (YAS!), from Bali, Flores, and …


My order fell to Flores bean with V60 brewing method.



I would love to finish my sip to their brewing result. Love the acidity and mild body. Likewise, the cappuccino is your other option for espresso-base.


7. Taman Sari Water Castle

Since the very first list, I have been talking about coffee, food, coffee and food, and coffee again. Full enough with food, lets talk about historical and the most favourite landmark in Jogjakarta. Taman Sari Water Castle, which is a site of former Royal Garden of Sultanate of Jogjakarta.

The building was actually divided into 4 areas. However, only 3 out of 4 still exist, whereas I visited 1 area which is located in the southern part.

Bathing complex is the most well-preserved area among the other. It used to be the place of Sultan’s changing room and resting place. The central tower was used by the Sultan to observe his daughters and concubines bathing in the pool.



There is also artificial island called Cemethi island. It was functioned for Sultan to meditate, or some said, a hiding place for Royal family during an attack. When I visited the spot, the building seems ruined and remains as in the picture. Still photogenic though.



Not my girlfriend. Haha. It’s Wiewie’s.

Next is the infamous Gumuling Well which was one-storeyed building that can be entered via underwater tunnel. The building was used as a mosque where the central area is an elevated platform where 4 staircases are met. If you have been stalking in Instagram, you will notice that this is the most favourite spot for taking photo.




I would say the temperature was pretty high inside as I sweat like a lot. However, I got to re-unite with my Jogja mate @masjiwa and some other friends of him. Always glad to meet new friend through this Instagram community.

8. Raisin Resto & Kitchen

This could be the most happening gem in town. They just opened 3 weeks ago and successfully create a BOOM by serving yummy Smoothie Bowl in the city of Education.


Raisin Fried Rice is my favourite. Well, it is a plate of usual-look-Fried Rice with unusual taste.



To my palate, it dances my tongue because they use #### to make it different. According to Vincenzo, the owner of Raisin, the way you cook considering different temperature also affect the final result. Their Gyu Tan Don is also tantalising,


unlike the one we usually had in Jakarta, their is more into Japanese style (not Australian Menya).

9. Green Host Hotel

Last but not least is the place I spent the night at. Yep, I got to stay in the popular Green Host Hotel. As soon as I stepped in the lobby, I was mesmerised with the hotel’s interior. They look very green and plants all over the wall are simply beautiful.


The same spot at different time gives you different feel, like what I had below.

This one is night scene once I came back from exploring in the 1st night.


Next is the morning scene around 8ish before I checked out. Both look superb.



Don’t forget to climb upstairs to see their rooftop.



Breakfast area is also pretty,


As part of Urban Icon campaign, this is my story sharing my #urbaniconstyle and finding #urbaniconhiddengems in Jogjakarta. Traveling with style can be somewhat essential, these are my favourite collection from Urban Icon.

Fossil Wyatt Dark Brown Bag and Townsman Automatic Watch are great partner during this trip.




I encourage all of you to start exploring each and every part of Indonesia, because we are very RICH, like literally RICH in everything. From the edge West to the East end, we have million things to appreciate and if it isn’t us, who else can be proud of this?

Comment down below your favourite destination in Indonesia, and why. I will be glad to hear your story and recommendations on that place.

For detail story, go and check my Youtube channel by clicking here.



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