About Me

Hello there!

William Sudhana Profpic

It’s me William and this will be the place for me to share my interesting experiences I have visually.

A short background of me

I was graduated as an Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Nottingham back in 2011. Back in 2008, during my study in uni, I found my interest in Photography. Initiated the journey in photojournalism and ended up with Food. Regardless of having 3 years working in corporate, my passion in photography has never once faded off.

Food connects People

Yap! Does it sound make sense for you? To be honest, I am a big food enthusiast. Ask me to try new things and I would be happy to have your challenge. I like to experience different kind of culinary culture. Since I jumped in to Food industry, I got to meet a lot of people who shares the same interest which happens some to be my current business partners.



Currently I am building my own business in Lifestyle industry providing Content Creator Management and Digital Strategy consultancy, named vosFoyer.

Gear I am using

As for now, I am holding a few gears as follow:

*) Lumix GX8 coupled with Panasonic 25mm F/1.7. My current favorite gear for both taking image and video. Super fast auto-focus and its touch screen focusing feature allows me to react faster towards moving subject.

*) Fuji XE-2 coupled with super sharp and crisp XF35mm f/1.4 lens. Use this normally for “photojournalisting” type.

*) Canon G7x which I use for my daily vlogging

Find me somewhere else!

As we are living in the world of social media, you still get to enjoy what I share my visuals / thoughts/ or whatever it is:

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/williamsudhana

Linked-In: William Sudhana

Snapchat: William.Sudhana

Youtube : www.youtube.com/c/williamsudhana