Benedict Jakarta X Lindt


Benedict Jakarta who is nothing but part of the well-known Union group. Ever since its grand opening few months back, Benedict Jakarta has never been empty but always be everyone’s favorite for hanging out. Either enjoying their signature eggy menu or drinking coffee or perhaps enjoying desserts.


Under wooden interior, Benedict Jakarta delivers warm and homey ambient to the guests. You simply feel like at home in Benedict Jakarta. However, the only downside of them is lack of natural light. I personally prefer to Natural light cafe rather than dim-light cafe, for the sake of taking pictures.

Talking about desserts, I am always a big fan of Union’s group. Their desserts quality is always satisfying and pleasing to my palate, regardless of me as a non-dessert man. So, when I heard Benedict Jakarta is collaborating with Lindt Chocolate. Lindt has proved its finest chocolate quality since 1845 to the world, and they are collaborating with Benedict Jakarta for the first time in Indonesia. Benedict Jakarta welcomes the opportunity and Chef Ivan Wibowo, with his cold-hand, created 3 special desserts selection using Premium Lindt Chocolate from Switzerland.


Who loves Chocolate fondue? Ever imagining Lindt chocolate as your main dipping sauce? It is your call guys!
The fondue comes with two selections of chocolate (Dark or White chocolate). I personally prefer Dark choco though. Having assorted fruits and sweets are quite normal, BUT! Bacon dipped into the Fondue? INTERESTING! You may choose either Pork or Beef Bacon you want to have.
Pssstt!!! Benedict Jakarta‘s Bacon is uber crispy and savory. Me love it much!


Next would be Benedict’ Signature Lindt Chocolate Cake. A simple yet sexy combination of Dark and White Lindt Chocolate pampered my palate back and forth. Additionally, the Praline crunch adds up crunchiness while playing love with the cake.


Last but not least, Benedict’ Affogato was the surprise. No relationship with Lindt, Benedict Affogato is unlike the ordinary Affogato. If you happen to find the normal Affogato as espresso topped with vanilla ice cream. This time is the other way round, vanilla ice cream all over the glass and topped with frozen espresso. Surprisingly good!


We come to an end for Benedict Jakarta X Lindt. I will say Benedict Jakarta with its quality has been successfully to bring and level up Lindt Chocolate’s Premium quality to a better level. Always pleasing to wrap a meal with appetizing desserts as like these.





Benedict Jakarta
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mal
Instagram: @benedictjakarta
Operating hours: Mon – Sun

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