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Back in the days where I shared my interest in food, my vision about Bali to find cute and Insta-worthy café to be shared in my Social Media. It is undeniable that Bali offers different scene of Food n Beverage landscape with hybrid touches between local and international. Both are blended really well so you can feel the diversity on their FnB landscape. I used to do café hopping from one to another, the locals to the western-type, not forget to mention coffee shops which always receive high Likes for Instagram post.

So, fast-forwarding to the last 1 year, my vision has changed as the time I shift my Personal Branding from a foodie to an Entrepreneur. It was a very challenging journey I must say. Crafting new content pillars to what I share in Social Media. I started from cutting down all food-related content and substitute it with other visuals related to my Entrepreneurial journey. Latter, I found my interest in Travel photography, so, it forces me to think wildly more than just café scenery.

In this post I am going to share you my latest finding in current Balinese lifestyle from my latest trip as well as my point of view about how trend in Bali shapes their market for different sectors, let say FREE Business Insight for all of you.

1. Balinese Cuisine

Let this be the first Lifestyle point that I discuss further as this is also the most rapid growing industry all over big cities in Indonesia. Bali offers me wide-range of FnB scenery from local to International which are very unique. As for now, Not only their local cuisines, Bali is also trending with the presence of Beach Clubs. In addition to that, the rising of Vegan’s café adding unique scene to explore which we don’t have in Jakarta. So, let’s discuss this separately so I can share my thought properly.

  1. Local Cuisine

    Talking about their Local cuisine, Suckling Pig is definitely my favorite (the everytime-must-eat food )apart from Nasi Ayam Betutu, and Nasi Campur Bali. However, we only exposed to a few big names such as Bigul Pak Malen, Pak Dobiel, Candra, and Bu Oka. In contrast, I always crave for something unpopular one. I believe there are many Suckling Pig players in Bali which offers better taste and price.

    For your information, based on my recent trips and experiences, average price for a portion of Suckling Pig in City area is between IDR 35k-50k (the priciest so far is Bigul Karya Rebo); however, you can get the same portion or even bigger with more toppings for only IDR 15k-25k from suburb area. Recently, I travel slight to the north, from our usual hang out place in Bali, to Tabanan.

    Please meet, the not-so-popular-among-Jakartans, Babi Guling Selingsing Bu Suci and also Babi Guling Jero Kawan. In normal traffic, you would spend appx. 45mins drive from Kuta / Seminyak area to reach Tabanan. I am blessed that we live in the era of social-media where information spreads really fast. It often comes from anybody which is helpful for us. I was told about Babi Guling Jero Kawan which pushed me to drive all the way from Jimbaran to Tabanan. It has been my mission to look for less-popular Suckling Pig I’ve never tried before.

    Next, just on my last trip this month, I managed to try Babi Guling Selingsing which happened to be a good decision too. They both start serving from around 1600hrs until late night but usually they start to run out by 2100hrs. So, you better be early as the queue is kind of millipede yo! Alternatively, my latest favorite Babi Guling Bu Dayu which is located next to BCA Kuta according to my Balinese friend.WilliamSudhana-Bigul-Bu-DayuThe photo should be able to tell you it is spicy enough to challenge your taste-bud. However, it is well-cooked juicy pork, savory lawar, crispy pork, spicy pork satay and definitely the crunchy skin. However, I would be a happier man to get bigger pork skin. Alternatively, you can go for Babi Guling Sari Kembar 99 which is also my favorite to overcome the craving while in Seminyak area.

    Business Insight from this case: we often stuck with some popular names (comfort zone) as the best option. In fact, if we throw a lil bit more effort (step out comfort zone) and start asking around, you shall see more beauty and exquisite experience which nobody else does. That’s how you push yourself to be creative.

  2. The Vegans

    If you scroll down your Instagram, you shall see more and more Vegan café are happening either in Seminyak or Canggu. The movement is not purely initiated by local, but global health concern. I have been noticing movements to protect animal from being overly-abused for human consumption. The movement has been supported by lots of communities around the globe which successfully changed this perception to start being vegan-lifestyle. As there are thousands of tourist traveling to Bali, the market seems fit and well-received by everyone.

    Initially, I myself share no interest in having vegan food as not only I am a very meaty-person, but also quite pricey for a no-meat portion. Nevertheless, I was curious enough to give an attempt to have one in my last trip apart from noticing interesting interior for every available vegan cafes. I paid a visit to Kynd (Instagram), tried their Ice Latte (vegan type) which is not bad and recently they just expanded the outlet for a larger space. See the updated venue here.


    More spaces, more seating capacity, both indoors and outdoors. Not forget to mention their signature pink wall is very Instagenic! (on your left hand side).WilliamSudhana-Kynd-CommunityIn addition to new KYND 2.0 , they have this gimmick just beside the bar which I believe will soon all over your Instagram timeline too! As the sun is setting, you shall see some decent Ray of Lights coming through the glass ceiling making interesting shadows at the indoor area. Consider that as your photo spot too! Thank me later. More about this Vegan trending is also featuring BaliBola (Instagram) in my bucket list which delivers a subtle pastel mood color for their interior. The Flexitarian concept, they say, encourages us to reduce the number of weekly meat consumption.


    As for the food, they all look very sexy and appealing, don’t they? Come with a decent portion while the taste is following equally satisfying. The Frenchie (Cinnamon French Toast, Faux Bacon and Caramelized Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate and some strawberries) is massive! I thought it seems like an appetizer in the first glance, in fact, it is a main course indeed. On the other hand, Osa, with her savory-preference, ordered Salmon Eggs Benny which turns out 90/100. The hollandaise sauce plays great deal to the entire dish while the veggies and mushroom are pairing well to neutralized the umami time.

    Interesting Business Insight I learn from this case: apart from catching up with trends, they clearly tell their audience the Brand story which tells the WHY they do what they do. Ironically, this kind of scene is yet to happen in other cities in Indonesia especially Jakarta. We often to do hard-selling products and products all over our Instagram feed which make people sick looking at your feed. The ticklish question I always throw to my prospective client “Why do Personal Instagram account grow faster than Business Instagram account?” If you know the answer, please do comment down nd we can further discuss about this.

  3. Beach Clubs

    For more advanced lifestyle becoming the #CrazyRichAsian, Bali is also hyped with the presence of uprising Beach Clubs all over the island. Many prominent brands have started their own beach clubs, not forget to mention big names hotel. One of the most frequently-seen pop colorful beach club at Batu Belig area is Tropicola. The beach club is ran under the same management with Motel Mexicola, therefore you shall expect the similar blissful experience on your first door-step.


    Just like another beach club, you should easily find a pool to lay back and chill over some mexican finger foods and refreshing cocktails which is worth the price tag. We spent about less than IDR 300k for two over 1 starter, 1 Main course and 2 beverages. Pretty decent eh?WilliamSudhana-Tropicola-1

    Prepare your suitable outfit to blend yourself among the vibrant scene, they ‘offer’ you several OOTD spot to accommodate your Instagram feed’s hunger and be aware that this is still a public place where everyone urge their own privacy to enjoy their moment, thus, keep other’s convenient at your matter.

2. Balinese Living

As the rising of number of convenient villa, empowering privacy and spacey area, I heard about the trending Cara Cara Inn, a backpacker hotel which is designed uniquely at the heart of Kuta. Their innovation to bring Backpacker hostel into the next level without compromising the price range needs to be appreciated. I am not going to talk about how the room looks like as it is just another ordinary backpacker bung bed setup. Yet, the way they play around with other areas such as lobby and roof-top are the big fish for your hunger-soul to pose for the gram. The reception area is decorated in vibrant color which is very captivating indeed. Notice the vivid laundry machine next to your breakfast area and instantly one of mandatory photo spot while staying here.


Walk up to the 3rd floor and you shall catch the most interesting area of the inn, the pool with several floaties to play with. Though it is not a big pool, I believe, 2 hammocks and that pink slide are pretty fun to relax with and supporting your Instagram material. See mine?


P.s Bring your own mineral water because it excludes the room rate. They do sell it on the receptionist if you need one or buy it somewhere else before you get back home. The option is suitable who doesn’t require big sleeping room as the space is pretty tight.

Business Insight from this case; as a Business man, you should be able to see and improve current business model into something relatable to what the market needs. Cara Cara Inn has successfully done the magic from Conventional Backpacker hostel into an entertaining and leisure hostel to live at, especially at the heart of Jalan Raya Kuta. Always find more references, read more books and be wild with your ideas. Last but not least, start executing your ideas.


3. Balinese Nature

The third segment is about my current obsession with travel and exploring nature, as I have told you that I re-crafted my Instagram Content Pillar to non-Food-related content to remove the well-known foodie image. Trust me, I am eating a lot still. It is not that difficult to re-generate new content pillar as I also like to explore how mother nature has provided us. So, it changes my behavior to the account I follow in Instagram, attracted more to Travel creators as they share beautiful hidden places which enriches my travel-pedia at certain places.

It is true that Travel Creators serves you a dream, a dream to also visit our desired location someday. Therefore, I notice that I have never been to North Bali which actually much better than in terms of Nature and Landscape, surrounded with beautiful mountains and waterfalls. I start to jotting down and creating bucket list for my upcoming Bali trips. Yes, TRIPS because it is just too much places to visit.

  1. Sambangan Secret Garden & Tamblingan Lake

    It will took you appx. 3 hours drive from Ngurah Rai Airport to reach Sambangan Village in Buleleng, appx 15 mins from Singaraja city. The garden allows you to experience 4 different waterfalls in one hit. The one amazed us is the largest, Aling-aling waterfall with its risky photo spot down the slippery stairs. However, it is worth the shot I promise. Prepare a wet-case for your camera or bring a Weather resistant camera.

    WilliamSudhana-Bali-AlingalingWaterfallWilliamSudhana-Bali-UtaraTamblingan lake, though, the Instagram spot where you can row a boat with a signature Pura in the background. The best time is sunrise time though, you may make an overnight stay to come back in the morning. I went there on a very cloudy day, such a bad decision ever.

  2. Tegal Wangi Beach

    Alternatively, there are several beaches in Jimbaran area where you could enjoy the magical sunset. One of my favorite is Tegal Wangi beach where you could go down from the cliff to the beach and their mandatory spot is right at the end of the beach. Try to find this location as you walk down the beach.


    Unfortunately, most Bali beaches are in high-tides this September and the wave is pretty big down here. So you better be careful while posing.


4. Iconic Music Festival in Bali

Balinese is well-known to their slow-living lifestyle. Party and drinking are their daily habit and been there ever since. There was a night when we had a conversation with our driver, talking about Balinese traditional alcohol (Tuak). He said there are 3 levels of Tuak and the strongest can keep you hang over for 3 days. Fun fact! This fits the reason to run Music Festival in Bali for 3 consecutive years already. Soundrenaline, it was my first time throwing myself into the crowd. Soundrenaline 2018 was held on 8-10 September 2018 at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park since 2016
This photo above was the situation when Maliq Music performed on stage. Exquisite visual and lighting play complemented the entire performance which delivered full-experience for us. Apart from collaborating with many Musicians, #Soundrenaline2018 partnered up with creators across region in Indonesia exhibited at Creators Park. The Creators Park concept was something fresh compared to the previous Soundrenaline series.
The festival owned 5 different stages (‘A’ stage as the main and largest stage, Camp Stage, Platinum Stage, Slim Refined Stage and also Creators Stage). Each stages delivered different music genre where you can hop from one to another. I have never been to Coachella nor other International rave festival, but I felt the vibe was kind of the same, wasn’t it? Magical sunset in between GWK cliffs on the first day.
I give a spotlight for Barasuara performance on Day 1. It was my first time watching their LIVE performance and found them as the true entertainer. As their audience, I enjoyed how Asteriska sang not only with her lips but also her soul.
Day 2 of Soundrenaline2018 was attended by more International musicians such as Phum Viphurit (Thailand), Zee Avi (Malaysia) and also Limp Bizkit (US). To me, Zee Avi is a throwback moment when her first single ‘Kantoi’ boomed and viral during my uni time. Thus, knowing that she will be on-stage on day 2, is a must-go performance.

It was a glimpse of my #Soundrenaline2018 experience! For complete experience on both days, do CLICK and READ THEM HERE. I share more about my favorite performers on both days!

Business Insight: Creatives are growing yet we need a stage to show why we do what we do. Because no matter how good we are, we need people to acknowledge our works. I am glad to see how an annual event such as Soundrenaline empowering collaborations between different passion points.

So, there are 4 things you can explore while you are in Bali. As a Millennial soul, travel abroad makes us looks cooler in Social Media. In contrast, many International travelers fly all the way from their homeland to explore Indonesia. I acknowledge that traveling in Indonesia is expensive. However, as the government do their part in developing infrastructures, we must take part in contributing our thoughts and creativity. Social media is the simplest thing you can do to promote Bali more than just its culinary scene. Start using our social media for cause for the benefits of our grand-children. Last but not least, as a creativepreneur, as I am writing this post, it is a self-reminder for me to keep sharing more stories about creativity in Indonesia. Hope to see you soon on another writings.



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