Eighteen Pies


Pies Pies Pies!
The word “pies” simply drools me especially the savory one.
If you have not heard Eighteen Pies, I would strongly urge you to have them.
A few months ago (in WeTheFoodies‘ 2nd ChitChatYuk), Edi brought us a box of Eighteen Pies and have us tried them and everyone was very excited with the taste of these good-looking pies.
Long story short, Eighteen pies contacted to me as they want to deliver some for me to try up and of course I am very excited too since I know the quality of Eighteen Pies.



Coming in a very premium white boxes with blue ribbon around it. Looking very handsome indeed!



Eighteen Pies sent me 4 different variants.

From left to right: Baked Dory Fish, Tuna Melt, Sloppy Joe, and Creamy Chicken Mushroom with Pork Bacon




What I love about Eighteen Pies are the pies are freshly baked every morning and made everything from scratch. They do also use premium ingredients to preserve the quality. Last but not least, all are taken made-by-order. The freshness is what they offer.


My favorite so far is Baked Dory Fish. Found the pie is rich in flavor to pamper your palate. Oh! It happens to be Eighteen Pies newest variant too!




Eighteen Pies
Email : Eighteenpies@hotmail.com
Facebook : Eighteen Pies
Instagram : @eighteenpies
Line : eighteenpies
Phone : 08222 596 0050

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