Functional vs Emotional


We are living in a world which provides us everything. We are given opportunities to explore the world, crossing the continents, as simple as surfing through a screen. Internet has changed the world, how people from the other part of the world can easily communicate with me myself sitting on the other half of the planet. The technology has simplified our live since then, it eggs many inspirations from various cultures and thoughts, which gives more varieties and options to how we see things around us. Have we thanked to technology, then?

However, as I believe that nothing is perfect. Every matters have both up and downside. We get to connect to everyone in the world which leads to many positive things in life, yet, we were influenced with not less negativities we experience from technology. Human tend to be consumptive to what they love about. From functional to emotional, that is our current big issue in life.

Let us sit back and talk about this, remember back then when we come to a restaurant with our family to dine in? We don’t care much how the restaurant looks like, we don’t think much if it has sufficient window (well, at least for me sometimes), what we concerned was if the foods are delicious and able to satisfy our hunger. In contrary, we often come to restaurant-to-restaurant, from cafe-to-cafe not because we would like to eat, but to find out what is new and be the first in Social Media to know the place. At least, ‘hey! I have been there and posted a photo or two in my social media account’. Functional turns into emotional.

Going general again, standing in consumer point-of-view, I am observing and fully aware that today’s industries are racing up themselves to launch new products within short period of time. They are catching up each other to win the Market Share (in their respective industry) by impressing and driving consumers through new variants. As a businessman, we can see, of course, the market phenomena of where Emotion plays ultimate role in driving sales. If you can touch their emotion, you can win the game. Whoever creative enough to design the most touching-campaign, has the potential to achieve good outcome.

Likewise in choosing your ride, for me personally, I opt for a car which can support my daily completely. It does not need necessarily to be fancy or advanced-technology vehicle, as I am afraid I might utilise all of the features in my daily though. However, basic features which optimises comfort, safety, and economic value (go-green) will attain my interest.

Do I change my ride frequently? No.

Do I easily get attracted to new launched variants? No.

Do I consider comfort for my daily ride? Yes.

Do I put safety features in the 2nd tier? No.

Do I prefer to have big engine vehicle? No. Any ride suits to city drive.

So, my 3 primary concerns has been responded well by Toyota All New Sienta. Toyota All New Sienta emphasizes their features on functionality rather than advanced-unnecessary-features.

Read my review on Toyota All New Sienta here.



Good suspension increases my comfort while riding especially on Jakarta’s road condition. Smooth gear shifting with the latest technology of CVT allows me to drive in style without shocks.




Excellent braking system with ABS and EBD provided with VSC optimises my control while speeding up. So, no worries to control my vehicle when I urgently need to brake down. Furthermore, 7-seaters seat arrangement allows me to travel with my friends in joy yet, I have spacious luggage should I need to pack a lot of stuffs in. 3rd-row dive in seat is brilliant to my opinion.




Last but not least, immobiliser remote key which secures my Toyota All New Sienta from any potential thefts.


Anyway, today is the last day of IIMS 2016 in JIExpo and could be your last day too to experience how Toyota All New Sienta feels like. If you agree with me, wait no more because Toyota All New Sienta will be available in the market on July 2016. I have placed one, why haven’t you?



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