Gigi Ngilu, I am sorry Goodbye! Ngilu_Sensodyne

Talking about dental care, I might be the one who is not so serious in taking care of my teeth. I can have them compromised rather than go to the dentist to get them fixed, but for gigi ngilu issue?

During my childhood time, I can proudly say I rarely had dental issues. Unlike the others who are so common to have cavities, I had them only once in awhile following my parents to have their routine checkup. Apart from that, I almost never go to the dentist unless I have an serious and obvious ache. The one and only most difficult time I can remember is all of my wisdom teeth being removed, forcefully removed by surgery when they were not even destined to pop out. Haha! Pity them!

The idea came from a doctor whom I went for a consultation to solve my respiratory issue. I had this allergic thingy with dust and cold since my young age (though I am still young at the second I am writing this), something is like blocking my respiration pathway. The doctor’s verdict was one of the nerves were strangled in between the wisdom teeth; therefore, its better to remove them all to relief the nerve. There it was, all 4 wisdom teeth of mine were murdered before they got a chance to *peeeeepppppppppppp*.

Time flies and here I am, living still with this blocking nose. Thank you dear doctor for your ultimate solution which causes nothing but free me from the pain of those bloody later teeth. I didn’t know how it feels, but everyone keeps complaining about the pain of wisdom teeth. Pros cons innit? Ngilu_Sensodyne

Anyway, as I have told you, I rarely have cavities. Not to mention I have had nothing, but I consider myself quite discipline to keep my mouth brushed before bed. As worse as I am out of discipline, it never goes further to harm me with toothache. *knock the wood*. Yet, the silly thing is I worn my gum out. I have no idea why, but the gum around my Canine tooth (shall we call it fang?) is wearing out. The dentist ever said it was because the way I brushed my tooth. As I corrected the way I brush, it doesn’t get any better. As a result, it yields a tingling feeling every time I consume too-cold or too-sweet foods.

You know, living as a mankind who shares much love for food has never been easy when you have this kind of problem. This can be the reason why I am not fond of Ice Cream. Apart from my preference for savories, it is the cold I cannot bear with. When it strikes that area, it is seriously uneasy. I wouldn’t say it is extreme, but pretty much disturbing.

when it begins..

So, last 2 weekends, we went all the way to Cirebon for a family trip, we had this occasionally since I usually got things to do in the weekend. It is kind of good to have my mind refreshed after having it drained out during weekdays. As usual, what I can do during vacation apart from eat, eat, and eat. Still have no idea when will I go back in shape. Any tips guys? Ngilu_Sensodyne

During the trip, that shit happened when I got my tooth uneasy due to cold drinks, I told this to Ossa and she told me she used to have #gigingilu problem back then. Then, she started to use Sensodyne which she initially didn’t believe will heal the pain. I also have no logic when a tooth-paste could heal #gigingilu as I personally think tooth-paste is a substance to help us cleaning the teeth. That’s it. Narrow-minded enough? Haha! Ngilu_Sensodyne

Back to her story, Ossa, as far as I know her in person, never fond of cold-drinks. Ask her why? She finally remembered when she shared me this tooth-discomfort experience. Throw back to her childhood time, she had this sensitive teeth, therefore, whenever she sipped iced-drinks, it hits her tooth nerve severely up to the point she had trauma with cold-drinks. Yes, she has Gigi Ngilu problem! Since then, she has never had any cold drinks anymore. Things changed, she said, when she started using Sensodyne Multi Action as her toothpaste. Logic was going against fact; yet the fact says it helps her sensitive teeth healed. I am flattered knowing how a toothpaste can really solve a problem like this. If it sounded mere a story for you, but I acknowledge her experience as she starts having cold-drinks and even ice cream.

the moment of trying..

Based on her experience, I, then, eager to try Sensodyne Multi Action to overcome this discomfort Gigi Ngilu issue. Ngilu_Sensodyne

I have been using this for a few days already and indeed it covers up the sensitive area very well. The spot where I usually have discomfort at, is no longer in pain and I am easily having ice cream and cold-drinks too! Surprisingly done a good job! Ngilu_Sensodyne

Oh well, they also have this Sensodyne Tooth Brush with small head. With this small head, it helps me to reach the hidden spot inside my mouth. It is frequent that I miss the most inner spot, thus leave the area close to wisdom teeth remain unbrushed, which may cause cavity in the near future of course. Ngilu_Sensodyne Ngilu_Sensodyne Ngilu_Sensodyne

Case is finally closed for sensitive tooth, another problem to accomplish is getting me back in shape. I simply wish Sensodyne can do me one more favor, to burn my excessive unnecessary fat by applying them onto my skin. I wish it works! haha! Good bye #gigingilu!
Let me know if you share the same story like me especially in Sensitive tooth, will be very happy to share you my experience to overcome this discomfort. Drop me your comment down below and help me to spread the good news here!

Until next time! Ciao!

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