Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt


Yogurt used to be the most not anticipated daily consumable goods for me. Although my mom and sister used to buy a lot of yogurt and stored them in the fridge, I never once was interested to touch. Things are going differently as soon as I was introduced to Heavenly Blush Yogurt. As everyone understand that the nature of yogurt is sour, Heavenly Blush comes differently with the proper level of sourness, therefore those who do not fancy of Yogurt (like me) are able to consume one or two, even daily.

Recently, I bumped into a supermarket to find out Heavenly Blush latest variants. It is named Yo! Yogurt with that unique and cute packaging.
Curiosity kills the cat, I browse through Youtube to look for their TVC of this product, because you can easily understand what they are trying to communicate for this product through TVC.

Click here to watch Yo! Yogurt TVC

The first ever Yogurt in tetra packaging containing sufficient fiber of vegetables and fruits to accommodate our 30% of daily consumption. I have heard rumor spreading that Yo! Yogurt tastes excellent. A friend of mine who is a mom of 2 children has even started to give her children Yo! Yogurt to fulfill daily fiber needs from veggie and fruits. The kids are very anticipating too, “Their favorite so far!”, said my friend.

Without preservative and coloring additive are added value for Yo! Yogurt, as it is safe to be consumed by kids to adults.


Choose your favorite flavor: Mango Carrot and Banana Berri Broccoli!
Both are equally good.



If you are running late, go grab Yo! Yogurt and have it as your breakfast.
Morning yogurt consumption delivers productivity and good for diet for all day long.
Have another one before bed, let your digestion system be productive and good morning waste.


Lets do spread a healthy lifestyle with Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt.




Heavenly Blush YO! Yogurt
Heavenly Blush Yogurt
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