Instagram Murders Snapchat?


Hello guys!

Well, it has been awhile since my last post in this page. My sincere apology for not updating this wordy page for quite sometimes. If you notice enough, I have been playing a lot with videos, so, instead of word-blogging, I do video-blogging. Easy? Not really, it eats my time more than writing though. However, I experience another stepping out my comfort-zone in my life, once again.

If you know me well, I avoided playing video for long time ago. It is because the complexity and my unwanted-mood to learn new things. BUT! Since I am living in the active digital world and this is what I do for living, thus, I feel like I need to follow the digital shift from static visual to animated content. Means, VIDEO!

Anyway, let’s get back to the point why I think I like to write this post. It is the recent phenomenon we are currently experiencing. Instagram which has just launched their new shocking feature “INSTAGRAM STORIES“.

Anybody here playing snapchat? Well, I have been playing Snapchat sometimes ago, not a typical player who likes to show my face a lot in the apps though. But I rather share my at-the-moment view when I was in the middle of interesting moment.

I cannot say that I am big of Snapchat user, most of the time, I prefer to be a passive user and view what my friends’ dailies. But, I have to admit, if you are a confident personalities, Snapchat is a perfect platform to entertain as well as showing off yourself to the world. I have been seeing a number of Snapchat artists are very good in entertaining their viewers. For example, Keenan Pearce with his inspiring honest daily activities & Reza Chandika with his ridiculous yet creative jokes.

Snapchat rules for the past 2 years, I believe, where some brands have been brave enough to allocate their marketing budget to put an Ad in Snapchat. Snapchat endorsement is superb, for me, as we couldnt really trace whether it went well or not. Yet, I have seen some users have been doing excellent in maintaining their engagement with the followers.

Out of the sudden, we were surprised with the announcement from the giant visual platform owned by Facebook, claiming they are introducing new features called Instagram Stories where you can share instant stories which lasts for the next 24 hours. WHAT THE HECK?!!! It was totally similar to what we do with Snapchat.

The excitement sky-rocketed for all Instagram users. I know, there have been pros and cons.
Which one are you guys?

Hold on hold on!
Let me tell you the story.
It was back in 2011, when Snapchat was firstly introduced in the market as a video-based app. It used to be mis-utilised for sex-chatting apps in other countries. But as for Indonesian market, this app is VERY EFFECTIVE for us to show-off what we are currently doing. EXISTENCE GUYS! GOT IT?

Continue to 2012, Facebook also introduced their “Facebook Poke”. I clearly remembered we used to “POKE” our Facebook friend without any clear objectives. Just poked and wait them to poke you back. But, got nothing more. Thus, it was clearly didn’t work. FAILED ATTEMPT from Facebook.

In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg interested to acquire Snapchat for USD 3 Billion. YEP! BILLION with ‘B’. Snapchat refused the offer, nevertheless, and it perhaps the beginning where they started to dig their own hole. Facebook, who has bought Instagram, prepared something big to copy-cat what Snapchat is doing in their own platform where it happened just few days back.

How do you feel about it? when David meets Goliath, likewise Snapchat is faced toward Facebook.

I believe you must have experienced the function and I would say it is 95% similar to each other apart from the absence of SNAPCHAT’S PUPPY FILTER. Everyone’s favorite filter and the best filter ever created in Snapchat. Agree?

As for me, if I were the CEO of Snapchat, it is an earth-quake seeing my business is at stake. Do you think it will be a major trouble for Snapchat against the presence of Instagram stories?

I personally have moved to Instagram stories and left Snapchat. Why do I betray Snapchat? I must say that with Instagram Stories, I could easily interact with my followers with what I do dailies. We all know that Instagram is a platform with quality over quantity. Therefore, if you post too much, it will bother your followers. So, make sure what I share contains quality and with Stories, i could share more informative contents with additional of ‘junkies’ and ‘jokes’ whenever I want to share.

Well, it is, again, your preference. BUT! I wanna know what your thought is. Please comment down below and let me know what do you guys think about this phenomenon. Are you #TEAMINSTAGRAM or #TEAMSNAPCHAT?

Watch my short movie on Youtube: Instagram Murders Snapchat or play the embeded video.

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  1. Gue sih prefer insta stories. Mungkin alesannya sama, karena biar lebih menyeluruh interaksi sama followers di insta yg lebih bnyk dari di snapchat (baca:lebih banyak yg ngeview di ig HAHA). Tapi, gue juga gak uninstall snapchat. Lebih buat ke hiburan sih ada fitur video yg beragam, geofilter, discover yg banyak kasih informasi dikemas dg variasi desain dan video pendek yg keren-keren, serta filter-filter kocak buat mainan

    1. bener sihh.. hahaha.. masing2 ada pros cons nya, banyak jg hal yang ga bisa dilakuin di Snapchat tapi bisa di IG stories. Balik lagi, ga ada yang sempurna kan, dan tiap2 org juga punya preferensi masing2 hehe.. thanks for reading tho..!! 🙂

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