Beauty in White of Java Paragon Surabaya


There are thousands of reasons not to love Indonesia especially for us Indonesian. However, there are, for me, millions of reasons to love Indonesia even more. We live in a country which possesses more than 17,500 islands making us the largest archipelago. 34 provinces lay across Sabang to Merauke with total distance of 5,428 km which equals to travelling distance from Iran to United Kingdom which passes through 10 European countries.

Travelling, for me, is one way to show my love to Indonesia. Yes, I mean not travelling worldwide but nationwide. In this occasion, I am delivering my apology for being absent for quite some times. My startup work has eaten up my day, practically all week long. Yet I dedicate this post to share you my previous holiday in Surabaya.

Surabaya is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. Not to mention in size, but in terms of business traffic, Indonesia can rely on Surabaya. It is somewhat like a transit depo to connect West Indonesia to East Indonesia. So, if you are playing with distribution to Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara or even Papua, you will be dealing a lot with Surabaya. Yay or nay?

Anyways, let’s back to the topic. What do you usually consider before deciding to travel to a particular destination? For me, it will be accommodation where I will be staying at and culinary spots for me to try the local cuisines. Having proper accommodation is essential, because after all-day-long journey, I need to enjoy my night with quality sleep before continuing the journey on the next day. Proper doesn’t mean to be luxury and royal like having a honeymoon with your spouse (*ups), simply a clean and cozy room can satisfy me already. I don’t hassle myself too much by being demanding for accommodation.

Talking about accommodation, I would like to share my staycation experience with Java Paragon Surabaya. The sound of Java Paragon might be familiar for you, especially if you live in Surabaya. Established back in 2007, Java Paragon maintains their 2 properties (both hotel and apartment) which is located in the same complex. Initially developed the apartment and latter the hotel

Despite of in the is-about-to-be-renovated-period, Java Paragon still shows its class to serve us as the best apartment in Surabaya. Large, spacy, and white. Three words to describe Java Paragon from me. While apartment these days are going smaller and smaller, you still can enjoy the large and spacy apartment with affordable price.


Find a large living room once you enter the unit. The place we used to sit and talk for hours once we got home or before we went out in the morning. The sofas were cozy even if you are lazy enough to move to your bed. That is what I did once arrived in the apartment, straight away to the sofa and laid down there.



Curious to see how the room looks like? We were given 3-rooms- apartment. So, 1 master bedroom and 2 other bedrooms. Queen bed is ready for each room while the master bedroom has its walk-in closet. How fun it is!




Working in the apartment? That’s what I did too. Before we were off from the apartment, I woke up in the morning and do the outstanding work in my room.




Here is a preview of how my working table looked like.



Oh, if you love to cook yourself, you shall no worry because they have a pretty decent kitchen too.


Even kitchen can be beautiful, cant it?

Talking about other facilities, Java Paragon is facilitated with swimming pool area. It is located at the ground floor close to Apartment back-entrance, if you are heading to hotel side. Wide-opened pool so you can swimming freely like a fish in the pool.


Done swimming, relax your body with Spa treatment. Their spa is known very good too. It’s a big temptation to not miss this opportunity during our staycation here.


It was a pleasure to stay for 4 days and 3 nights at Java Paragon. We really had a good experience and great hospitality for everything. Time to pack up and flew back to Jakarta.




I hope you enjoy my little story here and let me know if you have shared the same experience like me with Java Paragon. In the meanwhile, take care and happy travelling.

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