Lareia Bread – Not Just an Ordinary Bread


Happiness comes in no time, as soon as Erwin contacted me for a delivery of Lareia bread, this face cherishes in a flash.

Been hearing the issue of Lareia Bread presence in Surabaya then to Jakarta from Erwin’ story about Karin went to *peeeep* for a research of good croissant and found no equals in town.

“A good croissant is indicated by the flexibility of its comb. As soon as your bite ends, the texture must bounce back to its original level.”, said Erwin copying what Karin says to me, while me just nodding to that statement. *well, that’s not exactly how he told me but more or less its the bottomline*. Based on that info, I started to pay attention to every croissant I ate. Such a convincing info, wasn’t it?

The same treatment I do to Lareia croissant I received. As soon as I finished my styling and snapped a couple of frames, full of excitement to taste Ispahan croissant. Ispahan croissant has been my primary target ever since I opened the box. Somehow, we both share a good chemistry together. *too much drama for this article* Nevertheless, that’s true though. I wonder what Ispahan is but I can guess it will be Raspberry and some other mixtures. Yep! Correct guess of me, its Raspberry on top while the croissant is filled with Raspberry, Lychee, and Rose. Refreshingly good and I love it. Anyway, back to the above statement which I pay attention to. One bite, the croissant shrink and it bounces back in 1 or 2 seconds. Another bite, and it happens the same. Then, I shared a smile to this occurrence.


In the box also, I got Banana Nutella croissant, Kouign Amann and Giant Palmier. Never be disappointed with Lareia as they produces eye-and-mouth-pleasing pastry.

If you feel like trying one, I am sorry because you must be patient because they will be ready to serve you all Jakartans very soon. I am sure I will let you know should they are ready to go online for Jakarta market. Stay tune in my Instagram folks or check out @lareiabread!





Lareia Bread

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