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Time flies unbelievably fast, don’t you think so? It was like yesterday when we started off January 2016, which happened to be my birthday on the New Year and yet, now we are close to the end of January already. 2016 has been busier for me, especially when I have to reconstruct my business model before kicking the accelerator pedal again boosting our business performance which has been going good so far. Many things have changed compared to 2015; some have been better however not forget to mention those which didn’t turn out as expected. You know, shit happened but I was glad more smiles still. I have been learning how to grow stronger and jump even higher from 2015 experience. However, one thing I still manage to keep it unchanged since long time ago….

Since years, I am not a typical who loves to spend money for shopping. Well, I spent a lot (like a lot) in photography equipment which happens to be my hobby. However, talking about women-kind-of-shopping, such as fashion and stuffs, I can step off that area.
Talking about shopping behavior, according to Bloomberg, more than 85% of the consumer purchase in United States was performed by women. As a whole, women are considered more sophisticated shoppers than men as they take longer time to make a buying decision. As men would rather get the workable product and cut the shopping time, women would continue shopping while hoping to find the perfect solution. In short, they are more selective and more likely to buy product that fits their standard requirement.

Women are willing to invest more time and energy to perform any necessary research and product comparison. On the other hand, an article in Forbes, showing that for most men, shopping for clothes is like “doing your own brain surgery.” In other words, men are not major comparison shoppers and they are willing to pay more to get the process done quickly instead of hunting down bargains. They like to get in, get what they need, and get out fast. The worst case is stepping out the store empty-handed.

Furthermore, while women are high-frequency shoppers with small amount; men may rarely do shopping but when it comes to his hobby or interest, they could break the bank to get what they want.
Based on the fact above, Men shopping behavior depicts me well. I don’t have a regular shopping schedule nor any urge to shop simply just to release my stress. Due to this reason, I don’t get updated with any information related to sales promotion, discount or any good deal happening in town. Sounds pity?

My ignorant attitude to online shopping experience leads me to no-knowledge of the growth of E-commerce platform in Indonesia. It was my ex-colleague sitting next to me, back to the years when I was still a “corporate-slave”, who shopped a lot through e-commerce platform, while I put no interest at all in the first place. During working hours, he could surf the web to find good deals. While I was sitting next to him, he showed me variety of good deals for shoes which he happened to proceed to the checkout page. I was somehow fascinated with this phenomenon, started to browse around and yet ended up with closing the browser. Not as fun as going into the retail store. Haha!
On the other hand, I gained more interest in shopping in the retail store. I get to enjoy the experience, fitting it up if it looks good on me, and spontaneous action is more William Sudhana, I must say. Thus, I happen to be impulsive to the items I find it appealing. Break the bank instantaneously by being impulsive monster! One of the best deals I have ever made in 2015 was purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 via Trade-off program.


I have been using Samsung since 2012 and it was Galaxy Note 1, the first Note series which happened to be WOW at that time. Years gone, I kept my Note 1 in my cabinet, remained handsome there (almost turned to be a fossil) as I bought new phone afterwards. Naturally, smart phone which is categorized as fast-moving consumer goods (no longer sophisticated items), will depreciate its value really fast as the new version coming up in months. So, I assume my Note 1 will have no value in the market.

Few months back, when Samsung launched their NEW Note 5 coming with Trade-off program applicable for older Galaxy Note series was a mind-blowing moment for me. They offer a very good deal, at least in my case, as I can get Galaxy Note 5 for only IDR 6.99 million by trading it with Galaxy Note 1. The retail market price was IDR 9.99 million, which means my antiquated Note 1 was valued IDR 3million. My initial thought was things never happened twice and it was the best moment for me to ‘get rid of’ my antiquated Note 1 with something new. Again, it was an impulsive action from me which I re-think is 99% right.

Considering I am not a gadget-freak who have to replace my gadget frequently; purchasing Galaxy Note 5 without prior-research of its features and stuffs was impulsive. I started to figure out all the features post-purchasing. However, I feel it was still a best deal since I find Galaxy Note 5 provide flexibility to aid my daily work especially during meetings. Their off-screen memo feature is simply awesome as I can start writing instantaneously as soon as I press the S-Pen out. Their palm-holding size and slim body also deliver good function for me to support my daily activities.


It also delivers good camera performance, not forget to mention in the toughest area when I was travelling in China.


As now I am involving much in Digital area, I find an essential need to stay connected (online) all the time. It is admitted that Indonesia is one of the largest social media users in the world. Information flows heavily via online, whether it is actual or just rumor. People tend to share everything via online and social media which brings both positive and negative value of course. As consequence, online marketing is in trend right now. Brands are putting advertisements via website, online platforms, and social media in order to gain brand awareness as big as possible. Wrong? Of course not, we need to survive, so do the brands. Furthermore, we can also see the phenomena of E-commerce platform in the market such as OLX, Tokopedia, Lazada, Blibli, MatahariMallCom, and Shopee. From marketplace to e-commerce which offer us online services to simplify our life. Reducing the shopping time in the retail store, so we can optimize the time we have to do more essential things. Moreover, we are now in the era where we can shop via our smartphone. It is even simpler compared to the time we have to open our browser via computer.

My interest in virtual world, finally, leads me to share some interest in E-commerce trend. I started to learn and experience more how mobile application such as Shopee can simplify my shopping experience.


Shopee is an online marketplace application which is accessible via Mobile. They deliver a fast-instant procedure for both sellers and buyers with Shopee Warranty. What is Shopee Warranty? It is a protection from Shopee for the buyer by holding buyer’s fund to the seller until the buyer confirms the product has been successfully received. After Shopee receives that confirmation, the fund will be transferred to the seller. Thus, Shopee wants to deliver comfort shopping experience for all Shopee users.


Shopee interface is somewhat like our common social media, where you can follow other account to get updates of what their latest products are. Furthermore, you can do “Live Chat” with the seller to perform live transaction to the product you are interested in.

How do you find Shopee so far? Interesting isn’t it? A mobile social-media-like marketplace where you can find anything you need, especially if you are a gadget accessories freak, imported snacks lover, or apparel hunter, and Mom & Baby stuffs?


While today is close to your paycheck schedule, why don’t you download the apps and start researching some good deals. Shopee is having CUCIGUDANG Promotion which offers you discount up to 95%. Check them out by clicking


As part of my gratitude for you reading my story, I have good news for you if you are a Samsung phone lover. Shopee is having #ShopeeThrowBack competition in Instagram, where you can WIN Samsung Galaxy A8 (the slimmest phone with very sleek design) and shopping vouchers. Check out @shopee_id or my Instagram @williamsudhana to see more of #ShopeeThrowBack.

So! What is the wait? Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install the application FOR FREE, or simply click here. Don’t miss out the chance to WIN new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 as the competition ends on 29 January 2016.

P.S Check out my review for Samsung Galaxy A8 here.



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