MySienta, is it yours? (part 1)


“I may not be one who concerns much to automotive industry updates. Yet, I need them to help me performing my dailies.”

Yep, Automotive has been one of the most active industries in Indonesia. If you are aware, all of you have contributed to 1 million cars sold along 2015. The figure seems to show down-trend compared 2014, yet it still signified great growth for the entire year. The data also shows that Toyota manages to maintain their position as Market Leader in the industry.

Their competitiveness and satisfying services are the answer to their success. The momentum in IIMS 2016 was functioned by Toyota to introduce their new MPV series which is labeled as Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV).

Sitting in consumer point of view and trying to be objective, industry nowadays is somewhat pushing the market to be more consumptive by introducing new product within short period of time. Being aware of Indonesia’s consumer behaviour which moves towards emotional rather than functional-wise, it drives us to follow our urge to be consumptive.

For me, selecting my vehicle is about comfort and function. Living in a metropolitan city like Jakarta easily frustrate you as the traffic is unpredictable. It can be heart-calming, but it can also be so devastating in the next minute. By means, I need a very comfortable ride which can be fuel-efficient at the same time. I don’t, of course, want to burn my fuel inefficiently as it harms the environment and not financially wise for me.


Thus, I managed to attend VIP’s invitation to the first day of IIMS 2016 in JIExpo Kemayoran and got to see PT Toyota-Astra Motor launched Toyota Sienta as Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) which offers unique urban lifestyle with advance modern technology to their 7-seaters vehicle.


With the spirit of Let’s Go Beyond, Toyota has chosen “Unlock Your Playground” as the theme. It signifies how their innovation to go beyond with more fun and exciting technology and products for their respected customers.




Looking thoroughly to Sienta exterior, it intrigues my eyes as it delivers sporty yet ergonomic shape. I fall in love with Sienta’s front and rear bumper. It feels bold and strong to a curvey body which is available in 7 different colours options to suit your personal preference.


Technology wise, Sienta claims to be the first vehicle equipped with CVT 7 speed transmission among its class.WilliamSudhana_IIMS2016_MySienta_42


By means, transmission’s gear shifting will be smooth which will give me more comfort while driving. Power sliding doors for passengers in both sides give feminine touch to Sienta.



Last but not least, it can be your preference to have a spacey car especially if you love to travel in distance and carry a lot of goods in your car. If you are one, Sienta will be your perfect companion with their Dive-in seat. Yep! You can easily set your 3rd row seats dives in under the 2nd row seats. Hence, you possess a spacious flat-surface trunk for your big goods. How fun!


I know I don’t talk much yet here, what are the major and minor specifications of Sienta. Yet, I encourage you to pay a visit to IIMS 2016 and find out yourself how cool Sienta is. For me, it feels like Sienta is all I need to replace my current vehicle. As they will be ready in the market in July 2016, I could not hold my anticipation to see them on the road. However, you can start pre-ordering your Sienta during the exhibition period.



Price? Should I reveal to you right now? I prefer to give you a hint, it is not more than expensive than 1 unit of Toyota Fortuner, but not cheaper than 1 unit of Toyota Avanza. Haha!

Well, I shall continue sharing more details in my next post. So, don’t forget to subscribe your email in my blog to figure out my opinion for Sienta in terms of specifications and all.

Ciao for now and see you in the part 2 of #MySienta


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