MySienta, is it your specification? (part2)


As I promised, I will talk more about the ALL NEW Toyota Sienta which was launched few days back in IIMS 2016.
Have you seen it guys? As I am writing this, we are already in the 7th days since IIMS 2016 was launched in JIExpo. Thus, I assure you must have made a visit during the weekend.


So, as most of you might have seen how the vehicle looks like, which I personally feel it is sporty and possess a great functionality as a daily ride. Let’s discuss more into detail which I did not touch in the first post.
First of all, shall we discuss Sienta’s exterior?



My eyes was staggered with how Sienta was fitted with a pair of New Bi-Beam LED projector head lamp. For me, it was very bold and sharp. Look strong in appearance while it has auto-leveling capability. So, it enhances your sight during night drive.


Going further to the back, Sienta’s power sliding door runs smoothly as soon as you pull the holder. Available on both sides, makes you easy and convenient while stepping in to the car.



Move slightly down, 16″ alloy wheels are standing shining cool, giving sporty feel to Toyota Sienta. If you notice, they do have 2-tone machining design. Shining monochrome never goes wrong, right?



Last but not least, the rear LED tail lamp in combination with LED line guide also comes strong together with protruding rear bumper. I think the black lining gives superb effect to the overall body kit.


Done revolving the exterior, lets jump in to what they do with the interior.
Sitting in the front row, you can see 3-dimensional dashboard. Unlike the other variants, Toyota Sienta gives you an ultimate experience with varies curvatures along the dashboard. For me, I can utilize it to put my things in between (oh well, Im used to bring a lot of things in my ride).

Different types are available with different selection of dashboard color.
Black trim – dark brown seats and Fromage trim & black seats are available on Q & V types, whereas Black trim – black seats is only available for E & G types.



Leather steering wheel impresses me in an elegant look, and the buttons eases you in controlling audio functions.


Additionally, apart from E types, I get to see 7″ Touchscreen Audio system. It is equipped with Miracast system, means it can mirror my smartphone or tablet without physical connection to the audio screen. How cool it is! Hence, it helps you to see what is happening on your mobile, though it is not recommended to play mobilephone while driving.

Driving in Jakarta, which I consider as a humid and hot weather city, is very trivial to have good air-conditioning system. I have to ensure my car’s AC must perform well to cool down cabin temperature to, at least, 10’C. Haha! Anyway, I get to see digital display for AC swith on the dashboard while the 2nd and 3rd row experiences the cooling system with double blower AC. Double blower is available on all types except E series.

For security reason, Q and V type offers you Keyless Smart Start&Stop button. The technology allows you to stay hassle-free finding your key inside the pocket or so. However, if you are a type of person who usually let your girlfriend to keep the key (like me), make sure you don’t let her go out of the car with the remote key while you are parking the car as it might shut the vehicle down. Haha! (happened once or twice to me). P.S the remote is equipped with immobilizer mode.


Remember what I have mentioned in the first post?
Toyota Sienta is designed as 7-seater seat vehicle with its special feature 3rd row dive-in seat. Yep, dive in seat.

I mean, I can let the 3rd row seats dive to 2nd row position (of course you need to fold the 2nd row also). This way, I earn spacious luggage space which is very effective when I need to carry a lot of things with my ride.



Cool exterior: checked!
Elegant interior: checked!
Comfort ride: checked!
Safety features: ?

Lets talk about that now. Not only comfort, but it must provide me adequate safety features because nobody knows what is going to happen on the road. No matter how careful I drive, somebody else might jeopardize my life due to their carelessness. Well, I am a fast driver. I like to drive fast as I consider time is money. Experiencing bad traffic like in Jakarta drains, not only my time, but also energy. Hence, whenever I get space I tend to speed up. As a consequence, I require good braking system with Disc Brake model which is supported with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) which is supported with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and Brake Assist.

The question could be what is ABS and EBD? Well, ABS is a technology which allows your wheel on a motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface. It works as rapid pulses on individual brakes to prevent the wheel from locking up which might cause your car to slip or skid. Whereas, EBD is somewhat more advance braking system which works in conjunction with ABS. The sensors in the wheel gives signal to the system, based on its calculation, how many pulses should apply to stop the vehicle, controlled electronically to optimize effective adhesion utilization of the rear wheels.

While accelerating in turns, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) helps me to minimize yaw accelerations. So, my car will not be understeering / oversteering as the system secures all the wheels to receive adequate brake force needed keeping the vehicle in its intended course.

People used to be worry when starting in hills. However, Toyota Sienta’s Hill-start assist control helps you to not roll-back when starting in hills. I, previously, have learnt the similar feature in SCANIA Bus. The technology allows you to move your feet from brake pedal to accelerator pedal under sufficient time where the vehicle will not roll-back. Normally, it has appx 3 seconds where the brake force is not released unless you have stepped on the accelerator. This way, it ensures the security of passangers while on-board.



Should things go wrong for unknown reasons, you are still safe with the presence of Dual SRS Airbag and Knee Airbag (for driver) to prevent from severe damage during collision.


What else can I say? It is your call to decide if Toyota Sienta is designed for you? Personally, I am in love with Toyota Sienta and very anticipating it to play on the road in July 2016. Let me know what you think about Sienta on the comment box below.



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