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Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia always be the initiative of the happening of new trends. If you are aware, the west-siders are growing quite rapid in the past few months. Cute and eye-pleasing numbers of cafe are born in Puri area. Started from the presence of Crematology Coffee which I consider one of the main reason for me to pay a visit to the west side, or The Fctry which I fall in love with their brunch menu. With these numbers of cafe happening in the west-enders, I have a reason or two to drive all the way from home to this zone, regardless of the fact I dont fancy to travel to Puri as it hassles me to connect to the common places should I have to do something in Central.

Recently, a friend of me, Silas, visited Jakarta for travelling. Silas is a wedding photographer based in Surabaya which I happen to know him through Instagram last year. So, for the remaining 2 days of his off-time, I decided to host him to travel around, chill and do cafe-hopping. Maria Karina suggests us to visit the newly opened PaPaJo located in St.Moritz Puri. At the same time, I get to arrange a meet up with Olivia who happens to be in Jakarta too for the weekend.


Talking about PaPaJo, they just opened last week in St. Moritz (next to The Fctry). As you are passing by, you will find PaPaJo interesting as it delivers what I consider as eye-pleasing venue. The cafe is designed clean and bright whereby white is their dominant color added with some additional pastel colors as part of the interior. We moved to the 2nd floor instead.


Looking at those stairs! Looks cute with pastel colors at the base.


As soon as we arrived upstairs, the same pleasing-look is what we found. White ambient making PaPaJo feels very bright added up the location which faces West. Sunlight is coming straight from the window during our visit.


It is this spot where the sunlight comes brightly through the window. Looking quickly at this spot, I asked Oliv to come over and sat there. I wanted to make a portrait-without-face scene having her sitting facing the window. I know its very bright and hot outside, I pity her to get exposed to the burning sunlight for a few minutes. But, she was a very nice person after all.



Oh! Look down to the floor. The mini-dots pattern attracts my visual sense, then Silas and me created this image for fun.


I think you will love the tiles too!

This time, we didn’t order any food yet drinks were what we had. I got to order Iced Caramel Machiatto, Yovita had her PaPaJo Milk Tea, while Silas picked Iced Lychee Tea. Out of 3 we ordered, unlucky Silas, as he figured the Iced Lychee Tea doesn’t meet his expectation. Something must have been wrong with the Lychee syrup. However, I found mine and Yovita were quite okay. Sure they will improve in the near future.




Not forget to mention, the tables are all Marble. Happy faces? Me! Me! Me!

As for now, that will be my information is all about. I am sure you will love PaPaJo especially if you love to do OOTD shot or OnTheTable shot for your food.
Bright, clean, and lovely will be my comments for PaPaJo.


From left to right : SilasOliviaYovitaMaria – Me





PaPaJo Eatery
Lippo Mal Puri Indah GF-97
(below Royal Suite Tower)
Instagram: @papajo.eatery
Phone: +62 21 2258 2724

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