Pick Your Denim HAZEL collection


As a mobile person, I prefer a shoulder bag rather than a backpack. For me, shoulder bag is more stylish in a way compared to backpack. However, I also need to carry another bag since my shoulder bag is not able to fit my notebook in.
A few days back, Pick Your Denim introduced me with their latest collection HAZEL. Made of the finest fabric with water resistant material, it attracts my interest to have one.


As soon as the goods arrived, I am very happy with the quality, Pick Your Denim is lightweight and resist the water perfectly as I reckon in the first place. Thus, no worries to walk under the rain and a happy me to have this stylish backpack too as alternatives in my daily activities.




Large space in a backpack is essential!


What do you think about this?






Pick Your Denim
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    1. It may look a bit too large, but its actually fit in size wise. It accommodates my 16″ laptop well. Anyway, thanks for dropping by 🙂

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