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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. That is what people usually say during this festive season. Whether it is true or not, it depends on how you celebrate your Christmas this year. For me, I would rather stay in town as usual, spending time with my family which I have been lacking recently due to heavy workload.


Normally, we have a lot of cakes at home since people are start giving to each other, showing their care during Christmas especially to the closed one. As you know, I am keen on local-made product, not that fancy cake but the ordinary simple cake like Banana cake, Nastar, or Spekkoek will do good for me.

I received Walnut Spekkoek from Santi’s Cake. Santi’s Cake might sound familiar if you live in Surabaya, or if you are in the same age of my Mom. Yep, Santi’s Cake is well-known for its traditional Walnut Spekkoek in Surabaya. Having been established since 1999, you will not question the quality they deliver to their customers. David, the owner of Santi’s Cake, shared me once how they baked the Spekkoek manually one by one to maintain the quality. “Thus, we cannot do mass-production when the traffic is high, because we’d rather to preserve quality than quantity”, said David.


As soon as the package arrives, I can hardly wait to open the box. The smell of the Spekkoek surrounds the entire room. The butter smell really tempted me to start slicing the cake. Nevertheless, I have to keep myself awake to do photo-styling first before start enjoying the Spekkoek.


When I setup the frame, I felt like the walnuts were teasing me again and again. Look closely and find its texture very soft and “pillowy”. What makes me harder to stay longer was I have to set a Christmas theme, so, I collected my Christmas properties, what suits the theme in terms of color, shape and sizes of each properties. So far so good for the outer appearance and still tempted me.



A heartwarming and joyful shiny yellow Spekkoek in front of me. Unlike the other Spekkoke I’ve ever eaten, Santi’s Cake only has 1 layer without topping in between. Simply topped with a lot of Walnuts, the spekkoek comes with original taste. Surprisingly, as I have mentioned the very nice smell, the texture is soft and pillowy. It feels good once it is landed in your mouth. The buttery taste pops up and the sweetness balances the overall taste.


If you don’t believe me, trust the photo above. Soft soft soft and soft yummy Spekkoke. Just like what they claim, The Yummiest Spekkoek in the world. I will not deny the statement anyway.


This is more or less how I enjoy my Christmas this year. One or two fancy cakes and coupled with traditional Spekkoek from Santi’s Cake simply make my day. My mom of course cannot be happier than having a lot of cakes at home.


Last but not least, this is my Christmas styling for Santi’s Cake Spekkoek. Tell me what do you think by dropping comments below. Thank you Santi’s Cake for super yummy Spekkoek, I now understand why the orders come not only from Surabaya but high traffic equally from Jakarta too. If you stay outside Surabaya, they might come with minimum order to fulfill the delivery box. Wonder why? Check it out why here.

Psstt.. David told me to hold this post to latter date because they are having tons of order right now. Why don’t you join the hype and hassle David more. Haha!



Santi’s Cake

Facebook: Santi’s Cake

Jl. Mulyosari Timur 34 Surabaya 60112
Telp. 031-599 2521, 591 4406.
Fax. 031-5965139
HP: 081-5521-1800
BBM: 59C4A371
Whatsapp: 081-2326-2767
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