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It was me who, several months ago, complaining why there were no such coffee shops in Kelapa Gading to hang out at. It was always have me driven far to the south or central Jakarta to enjoy equally both coffee quality and for the sake of having good photos. Things are going differently since an up-side down situation in Kelapa Gading before Hari Raya.

Kelapa Gading are now going wild with the presence of Coffee Shop. From the early rising of TOF Sicacilla inside Mal of Indonesia blocks, which me happens not quite fancy with the location with. To be followed by the participation of Kopium Artisan, Retorika Coffee, and the Australian-style Six Ounces Coffee.

Six Ounces Coffee is located Kelapa Puan Timur 1, opposite to Fave Hotel Kelapa Gading, or simply say behind Mal Kelapa Gading. Having located in the middle of housing area, they do create the same homey-concept of their coffee shop. As coffee has turned into recent Jakarta lifestyle, either you are a caffeine-addict or simply to hang out with friends drinking coffee, the trend has brought this business into different concept. More and more specialty coffee shops are happening which happens to shift coffee-drinking behavior of the society to understand what a good cup of coffee is.

Back to Six Ounces Coffee, as I said, the concept of homey-coffee-shop drives you to feel comfy and cozy whenever you pay a visit to Six Ounces Coffee. As for the early months, they do only provide cakes and donuts.


Be prepared with a good serving cup of Giyanti beans brewed by the expert Ariel (the owners). Combining both quality possessed by Giyanti Beans and the cold-hand of Ariel, your coffee time will never be more pleasing with Six Ounces proportion (Six Ounces is actually the balance ratio between Milk and Espresso which is equivalent to 170ml). Have your palate be pampered with their house blend (Brazil, Java, and Sumatra beans), or other single origins also roasted by Giyanti.


Stay there around 3 – 4 pm and you will find this pleasing afternoon light coming in from their west-faced window. Their cement floor is my favorite too!


Did I mention you get to choose various of dishes yet? Six Ounces Coffee is now collaborating with The Green Door Kitchen to deliver you those scrumptious dishes from light bites to sandwiches. The kitchen is simply behind Six Ounces Coffee Bar. In conjunction to the ‘Green’ name, The Green Door Kitchen serves you with Fresh ingredients to maintain Premium quality to the customers.



Look at the refreshing green of their Chicken Caesar Salad. Have this if you are on diet or healthy-type of person. The chickens are roasted well so that its not dried whilst the salad taste is refreshing.


Big feast for us last Sunday,


Pulled-pork Burger is one of my favorite here. It is tender and rich in flavor. Every bites give you a feeling of juicy, savory and sweet from the mayonnaise. The brioche itself is soft making you effortless to enjoy the massive Pulled-pork Burger. Ultimate Burger juiciness is also irresistible.


Bring in the crispy Cubanos. One of Six Ounces Coffee best-seller menu. Imagine you are eating a crispy bread sandwiching pork ham, pickles and roasted pork. I say roasted pork. A bunch of guilty pleasure bites, definitely.


If you need something sweet to accompany your espresso-based drink, their Banana bread is my favorite. Soft, banana, not too sweet, and the melted choco somewhere from the bread adds extra surprises. The brownie is doing good too!


If you strolled my Instagram, you will notice I gave a hint of new Brunch place in Kelapa Gading.
To be honest, we shall be happy because Six Ounces Coffee and The Green Doors Kitchen are serving brunch for you, which is available throughout the weekend.


Who doesn’t know Croque Madame?


Drool over this Open-Steak Sandwich with very juicy Wagyu and sexy poached egg?


Or perhaps you are a Salmon addict? Smoked Salmon Cake with Dill Mayonnaise could be your favorite too.


I won’t tell you how tasty they are, but I will let you read the Brunch details at WeTheFoodies story here.

I will say Six Ounces Coffee is coming in the right time where Kelapa Gading needs one or two coffee shops to hang out at. As more are coming, the competition will be higher yet Six Ounces Coffee is one of my destination for sipping or even do some work.







Six Ounces Coffee
Jalan Gading Indah Raya Blok NB no 1
(Opposite to Fave Hotel)
Instagram: and @thegreendoorkitchen
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-21.00hrs

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