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I have always been curious why people keep hoping from one Rave to another. The behavior is noticeable through the number of Instagram Stories they shared in one night. Either, showing them hugging and dancing together or videoing the performer on stage. You ring a bell? LOL. Another friend of Osa is a also hardcore Inter-country Rave Party-chaser to enjoy his life to the fullest. YOLO they said, you only live once. In contrast, I am personally pretty ignorant to the hype promotion of Music Festival although I enjoy music very much. As an Introvert, I would rather lay back on my bed reading books or playing games.

However, here comes my curiosity when I got invited to join Soundrenaline 2018 this year in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. One of the reasons was to see the completed Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue and the other was to experience Soundrenaline 2018 myself. So, this blog is about sharing you my complete 2 days experience in Soundrenaline 2018. Disclaimer: a lot of visual contents will catch your attention span.

Soundrenaline Day 1 Story

It was 8 September 2018 and I took the 1st flight to Bali as I still need to work on Friday. As soon as we landed,  get fetched up to the hotel and went for late lunch in Jendela Bali (bought a portion of Bigul Karya Rebo on our way to hotel). It turned out to be one of the priciest Bigul I’ve ever bought. As we arrived at GWK, it was pretty burning hot and I wished the sun moved slightly faster towards the west-end. I checked out all the schedule to get my first experience and it was Mocca located at Slim Refined Stage (amphitheatre) which was pretty isolated compared to other stages.


It was pretty challenging to walk from the left bottom towards the top center of the seating area to get this shot. However, it was worth the effort passing by number of people who stared in awe to Mocca’s performance that afternoon. I believed they made us reminisce the memory back to 90s era, didn’t they?


Just before they ended the session, Vicky Mono ‘Burgerkill’ was invited to the stage to sing along with Mocca. The crowd cheered up as Vicky did his Heavy Metal scream out loud on stage. Definitely a climax ending for the entire performance.

Next, I moved to explore the other side of the festival area. It was classified into 4 main stages and 1 creator stage. Each stage delivers different music genre where you can pick your favorite band subject to the official daily schedule. So, after several minutes of walking and enjoying Balinese heat in between GWK, I arrived at the largest open area A Stage.

A Stage was the biggest stage with large open area where big names will be performing at, such as Barasuara, Sheila on 7, Maliq and Limp Bizkit. Regardless of the heat, the grass area was very convenient to chill and lay back while waiting for next performer. Spotted Sonia Eryka and Cindy Karmoko were sitting here with their special thematic outfit for the festival. Read more about Sonia’s Style Report here.


I personally found this area more appealing towards sunset time. The golden hour was exquisite in between the cliffs back there.




One of my favorite shot was taken by Rubin Danny where just before the sun disappeared from our sight. Just pardon my not-so-ready face >> pointing this out so you can observe right away LOL.


As the sky turned violet, I jumped to Camp stage to see what was happening there.



To be honest, I had no idea who Semiotika was, which latter a friend of mine told me they are his favorite Instrumental band from Jambi. Ah! I was devastated to my lack of knowledge in Indie Music landscape in Indonesia. Though the stage was pretty small compared to the others, the vibe was very intimate and soulful. People seemed to drown to the chilling instrumental play, it was very soulful and momentum.



As the clock ticked to almost 1915hrs, Barasuara was coming soon! I ran back to A stage and tried to secure as sweet spot as possible to both enjoy the performance and capturing moments.


As expected, Barasuara’s opening performance was coupled with captivating positive energy for us. This was my first time watching them performing LIVE and I was surprised. They are able to transfer massive energy to move the audience, to dance, sing and made the performance alive.




It wasn’t only a one-man-show Iga Masardi performance as the lead vocal, but also Gerald Situmorang and Asteriska simultaneously entertain us by kept coming back and forth to greet the audience. Nevertheless, one thing I learned from this performance, don’t go too close to the stage, we couldn’t hear clearly the vocal as the bass went too much. #RaveParty101 lesson learned!



As much as we wanted to stay for more performances, it was a very tiring day for me waking up early morning. So we wrapped up early after Barasuara’s performance preparing for Day 2. However, I want you to not miss how the legendary Padi Reborn and Sheila on 7 fire up your adrenaline at Soundrenaline 2018 Day 1 from here. My friend Nikko Ilham stayed late so visit his writing and enjoy more eye-pleasing photos.

Soundrenaline Day 2 Story

As we walked to the exit door last night, someone asked us the location of Platinum Stage and I realized I mistakenly informed her the whereabouts after I spotted the actual location a few steps later. So, we started the journey for Day 2 from this area (lower-cliff area) where there were many Art installations were set and also the location of Platinum stage.

Soundrenaline 2018 was not a completely pure Music Festival. In my previous article, I happened to mention that they also partnered up with several South East Asian talented Creators to share exposure for International artworks exhibition. The Creators park in Soundrenaline 2018 was freshly introduced this year to showcase Creators’ artwork across region in Indonesia in Photography, Visual Art, and Design. I noticed Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian, and definitely Indonesian visual artist exhibited their brilliant works here (shown on photos below respectively).





I found that Maika Collective (as the Indonesian representative) did an excellent job. As soon as you enter their Installations, you shall see a white sofa in the middle surrounded by Green Lasers. While the ceiling was installed with Plant, a smoke-machine was there to give foggy effect, so the vibe was such a thing! One of the best installations in Soundrenaline 2018.

We also got to experience ourselves stamping our initials in Voyej leather keychain.




Ok! Let’s back to the Music performance for Day 2. I noticed that today’s line up was attended by more International performers. It supports their vision to be the largest Music Festival in South East Asia. Platinum Stage was the closest stage from our last position as well as the missed-out stage from Day 1. I checked the schedule and next performance would be Thai, Phum Viphurit. For the nth time I had no idea who they are, but they seemed interesting and the songs turned out to be enjoyable.




Spotted the vocalist was very warm and shine from afar, throwing a lot of smiles to the audience. As a stranger, I enjoyed their performance very much and stayed there for a few songs. In the meantime, we were showered by a very warm and pretty golden hour.



After the performance, we took a break for early dinner. Next, we aimed for our favorite Zee Avi from Sarawak Malaysia. I knew her through her infamous single ‘Kantoi’ back in my university year. Though, I have never followed her journey ever since, there was an excitement to see her performing live.

“There was a minor chaos during Efek Rumah Kaca’s performance yesterday! Everyone tried to go in and watched ERK but it was really full and packed. The official gotta blocked the entrance gate. So, we better queue early to get the seat!”, said Nikko. So, we rushed to start queuing 20 mins before the show.

Luckily, we managed to get quite strategic spot for this performance.



To be honest, this was my first time seeing Avi in person. I had no idea how she looks like. HAHA.. Another shameful moment of mine, but its alright. We all have our first moment, don’t we?

Oh, she dressed up with very cute Tenun Ikat fabric, signifying Asian culture that is similar to ours.




Avi shows her capability to entertain her audience through small talks, jokes and conversation to melt the ice-berg. It is a very comfortable way to engage and made her performance alive.



She also revealed and sang her unpublished upcoming singles to us. Special privilege for us, innit?

“Boleh boleh laku?” asked her.

The crowd was cheering her while reply “Boleh! Enak!”. It was a really entertaining moment involving her audience to interact together.

Last song for the night was Kantoi!!!!. Everybody sang along and threw big round of applause for Avi’s very enjoyable show.

Right after this stage, we walked back passing by A Stage where Maliq was doing another engaging show! Shoot! Everyone was swinging, singing and jumping full of excitement.


It is impossible to reach the stage to get closer portrait, so we enjoyed 1 or 2 songs  and decided to go home after a long day.

Unfortunately, we didn’t stay for Limp Bizkit, but Nikko did cover the performance. So, head back to Nikko’s writing to see the peak moment of Soundrenaline 2018 Day 2.

There goes my first jolly-experience with Soundrenaline 2018. It seems like everything went really smooth and it changes my perception about Music Festival in Indonesia. A refreshing moment from our daily job, to jump, to sing, and to express ourselves. Thanks to Soundrenaline 2018 for the experience and hope to see you again next year in more exciting festival!




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