Tegenungan Waterfall


Natural scenery of Indonesia has never failed to amaze me. This time, I got to experience myself one of the hidden gems, beautiful waterfall in South East Ubud.

Back in June 2015, I and my WeTheFoodies team were in Bali to do our first #Foodies_Go campaign in Bali.
The campaign itself ran between 5-7 June 2015, I decided to extend my trip in Bali to meet my friend Carol Kuntjoro.
She was having a pre-wedding photoshoot that day and we were invited to come along to see how she works and of course get to see unusual places in Bali.

Carol brought us to this I-never-heard-place so-called Tegenungan Waterfall. We drove down from Sanur to Tegenungan village at South-East Ubud. It was quite long journey, whereby luckily there was no traffic jam. Say YAY to Bali! 2 hours drive paid the effort I must say. We got to walk hike a bit to reach to this spot.


The excitement of getting breathtaking view from the top, led us to pass many steps down to go closer to the waterfall. It doesn’t take long to get down to the river (going down is never that difficult, right?).


The ray of 10 o’clock in between the trees gave us magnificent view from where we stood.




You need to walk down the river, cautious steps in between rocks because it is quite slippery.



Seeing Tegunungan Waterfall closely was very pleasing. You simply amaze by its beauty. We just simply didnt stop pressing shutter button again and again.



Last but not least, a wefie shot from us (Me, Vicki, and Chen) with Samsung 10mm f/3.5 lens which gives us a fisheye effect.


If you have never been here, then it is a definite must-visit place in Bali. A lil distance yet it is worth every second to see this breathtaking Tegunungan Waterfall.





Tegenungan Village
South part of Kemenuh Village, South East Ubud.
Bali, Indonesia

Entrance ticket : IDR 10,000 per head

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