The Silent Jakarta


Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has never run out of traffic during day time. I can promise you traffic-less Jakarta is considered a phenomenon. Not forget to mention the stress level on the road increases from time to time. We could wonder sometimes how come we are able to bear spending hours just to be on the road rather than doing productive work. However, things are going differently when it comes to Hari Raya.

Hari Raya or Eid al-Fitri is, also called Feast of Breaking the Fast, the religious festive celebrate by our Muslim friends worldwide which marks the end of Ramadan month. At this time, most of people go back to their hometown to celebrate this very day together with family. For Jakarta is mostly populated with immigrants, everyone is going out of town and leave the capital city silence. For me, it is the best time of the year to enjoy the metro traffic-less.

So, me and my WeTheFoodies fellow decided to enjoy the silence Jakarta by having a journey with public transport. Well, I usually drive my own vehicle as Jakarta’s public transport facility is yet to satisfy my comfort zone. However, it is heading to the positive side though.

It was 12pm when we decided to gather and started our journey from Kelapa Gading. There was barely angkot (red mini van) we could find around, need to wait quite awhile before one passed by. We, then, jumped to the nearest Transjakarta shelter. It’s been awhile for me since my last travelling with Transjakarta busway and as Transjakarta has recently operated their new “Scania” fleet. I was more than excited to experience myself. (I previously worked for PT United Tractors whose the sole distributor for Scania Bus and I directly in charge of the product before I decided to quit and started my own business now.)


In today’s journey, I brought 2 of my beloved mirrorless camera (Fuji XE2 and Samsung NX500) along with me. In fact, I was too lazy to have them out, so I decided to utilize my iPhone for all shots I would take today.

From Pulomas, we traveled using Transjakarta Bus until … (Right before we set the day, we wanted to hunt for skyscrapers or building shot thus need to find suitable place to have our mission accomplished) Sarinah. It is! We knew it would be great to play around Thamrin area as there are a lot of buildings and traffic-less situation.


Meet my partner-in-crime for today’s journey, Edi Hartono and Silviana Ang. As soon as we reached Sarinah, we were happily finding spots from the top of the shelter’s bridge. As expected, the silence road was enough to keep us happy.


Stopping by at McDonalds (next to the shelter) just simply to fulfill the crawl from our belly. Then continuing the journey by foot to Bunderan HI.

This was what I got under the sunny-burning-and-hot-silent-day.





Also, joined with us today Chacha Tesalonika (Hitz FM announcer) and Vicki Riana (our WeTheFoodies fellow). Say hi to them!



Who cares enough to put this beautiful flowerpot on Bundaran HI’s overpass? I’d rather snap a shot with them.


At some point, at passenger pathway, Vicki stopped me and asked me not to move. “Ah! You must have found something”, I wondered. I stood still without knowing what she was about to snap. Waiting for a few minutes, after her several attempts. Voila!



Clever eye she has, isn’t it?!

It was a really hot-burning day I must say. Shot enough but water-less. So we decided to gamble to visit Kedai Filosofi Kopi located in Blok M. Have no idea if they were serving, we traveled by bus to Blok M. As the time we reached, THANK GOD!

They are

CLOSED! huft…

But we had this instead!


If you know Sate Padang Ajo Ramon, you know this wouldnt be as good as Ajo Ramon.
It was 5oclock already and there were nothing much to see either, thus we decided to go back to more convenient place like Grand Indonesia. haha!
I would call this the end of our short explore Jakarta and always anticipate the silence of Jakarta next year.


// William

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